Company Profile


For several significant years, Asian Engine Rebuilders has established its identity as a local partner with a global spirit. Starting as a reliable provider of services specializing in automotive engineering works, it has further positioned itself as one of the country's key players in the business.


Acquiring the necessary global technology, it has straightened and led local competition as it stood by their adherence to the unimpeachable quality of service that they provide. More than being well equipped with the technology and significant experience, they believe that their brand of service is inspired by the strong Christian ideal of doing the best for others, and the commitment to honest service and fairness in everything they do.


With Longueville Marine Philippines, Inc. under their wings, such strengths and ideals will be tirelessly advanced as they imbibe to their clients the importance of quality in these very challenging times, never compromising what has always been rightfully proven by time as the best way to go.



Asian Engine Rebuilders, Inc. | Longueville Marine Philippines, Inc.