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Fully supported by the world-renowned Longueville Gebr N.V. of Belgium now part of Global Crankshaft Services, Ltd., Manchester, England, Longueville Marine Philippines has lived up to the legacy of technological authority, paving the way for its recognition as a leader in Southeast Asia's marine reconditioning industry.

Offering an extensive line of services, they have one of the most advanced portable grinding machines in the country that would allow the ON SITE reconditioning of a vessel crankshaft.


This type of repair will take only a couple of days and this translates into enormous savings on time, money and energy as opposed to the other methods which would take a couple of months for completion.


They can also perform Laser- Optical alignment checkup,in-place line-boring and valve-set grinding IN SITU as duly certified by the prestigious institution. As vital technical support, meticulous training is awarded to its employees, entailing months of intensive training in Belgium. This assures the client of the best machine handlers and consistent technical assistance.




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