Unparalleled Quality Craftsmanship. The marine industry is a vital cog in the country's trade and travel industries. By continuously updating technology and operational standards, Longueville Marine Engine is helping spur development in the field of marine engineering. Hand in Hand with affiliate Asian Engine Rebuilders, Inc., an accredited member of the Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association- U.S.A., they are proving to be a reliable team in engine reconditioning services.


Service Commitment. The company believes in giving honest service and in practicing fairness in every aspect of the business. It is strongly committed to the Christian ideal of doing the best for others which is reflected in the uncompromising service it provides.


The company specializes in ENGINE RECONDITIONING:

  • ° Laser-Optical Alignment checkup using Borealign Technology from Prüftechnik, Germany
  • ° Bearing fabrication
  • ° Connecting rod reconditioning
  • ° Crankpins and shaft rectification in place
  • ° Crankshaft rebuilding by submerged arc welding process stress relief after rebuilding
  • ° Crankshaft regrinding - capacity 15ft.
  • ° Cylinder head reconditioning
  • ° Dynamic balancing
  • ° Engine Block Liner-Sleeving / Reboring
  • ° Hydrotest and crack repair
  • ° Hydraulic systems reconditioning
  • ° Power plant generating units reconditioning
  • ° Valve and valve seat refacing
  • ° In Situ line boring and In Situ crankpin grinding

The company also offers MACHINE SHOP SERVICE for all types of aligninment, bearing rebabbiting by centrifugal process.


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